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Willow Hill Cat Hotel only accepts cats that have their standard vaccinations complete and up-to date seven days prior to check in. Safety is our number one responsibility and concern, which is why we are adamant about vaccinations. Ask your local veterinarian office what your feline needs to protect him or her while staying in a boarding facility.

Some vaccinations are required every three years. So even if your feline has had a previous vaccination for some things, he/she may be required to update their vaccinations.

Generally, we follow the wishes of your veterinarian concerning vaccinations. Some veterinarians are now of the opinion that their older cat clients have built up sufficient antibodies from 10 or more years of shots and no longer need annual vaccinations at all. Have your veterinarian call us or write a note if your cat needs to be excused.

Flea Control

"Advantage" one week prior to check in.

Litter Boxes 

All litter boxes are scrubbed and disinfected with a pet friendly cleaner (PEROXIGARD).

Recommended not required

*Rabies vaccination

*Nails clipped before coming into our hotel

*If you choose to supply your own food or treats, store in a sealed and well-labeled container

Willow Hill Cat Boarding Requirements

*All Male cats over six months must be neutered

*Transporting - For safety reasons, cats must arrive and depart in their carrier or on a leash.

Boarding Payment Policy

Payment due for short-term accomodations after private room has been assigned at check-in. All long term clients (14 nights or longer) are asked to make a part-payment upon arrival with the balance paid at check-out time. Please make arrangements with Willow Hill ahead of time.

*NOTE: Out of country clients are asked to pay in Canadian funds. 'Senior's discount' every day of the year.

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