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Willow Hill Cat Hotel is a small family run business located on a 10 acre hobby farm at the base of Golden Ears Park in beautiful Maple Ridge, BC. The farm and forest surroundings provide a unique, tranquil setting for our guests to enjoy while away from home. Our entire family has grown up with a passion for animals. At our farm our family consists of, 3 horses, 3 dogs, 2 rabbits, 6 chickens and 4 cats.

We custom built our cat hotel with our guest's security, comfort and entertainment our top priority. Our cat hotel is connected to the side of our home so owners can rest assured that their cats will be safe and secure. We only have 6 rooms so all of our guests can enjoy lots of TLC during their stay. Each room is 4 feet by 5 feet by 8 feet tall and all have their own window for fresh air and scenic views. Every room has its own play center scratch tower, cozy bed, litter tray, mats and stainless steel food and water dishes. We provide a variety of toys and continuously play cat-soothing music for our guests.

Along with our spacious private rooms, Willow Hill also has a play room for each of our guests to enjoy on a rotational basis. The play room is furnished with a comfy couch, scratch posts, lots of toys and a TV with many cat specific movies to entertain our guests. our play room will provide several hours of roaming, climbing, hiding and relaxing for your cat's enjoyment.

Willow Hill Cat Hotel has been built to provide a clean and hygienic environment. The room surfaces have all been designed so that they can be thoroughly and properly cleaned and disinfected. Our hotel windows, vents and heating systems create a fresh and healthy atmosphere for our guests.

At Willow Hill, we make your loved ones feel as comfortable as they do at home. We would be honoured if you chose Willow Hill Cat Hotel to care for your loved ones while you are apart!

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