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Frequently Asked...

Q) Will my cat be mixed in with other cats within the rooms or common area?

A) No, only cats from the same household will be allowed to share rooms.

Q) What types of movies do you play for your guests?

A) We play a variety of cat friendly DVD's such as "The Cat Sitter Series" which are videos especially designed to stimulate and entertain your cat while you are away.

Q) My cat requires medication, will there be an extra charge for administering this?

A) Yes, if your cat requires a pill or injection there will be a $5.00 per day fee. If the medication can be applied to the cat food, Rx ear cream, lotions or drops, there will be no charge to clients.

Q) How often do you clean the rooms?

A) We provide housekeeping services every day. Food and water dishes are replaced daily with clean, sterile ones and litter trays are cleaned twice a day.

Q) I don't want to change my cat's diet, will you feed her as I do?

A) Yes. We follow all care plans and special feeding requirements. Give us instructions and bring your cat's special food well-labeled.

Q) Do you give a discount to someone who brings their cat's food?

A) We don't charge extra to serve special diets to our guests as well as we don't offer a discount to those who bring their cat food.

Q) What brands of food do you offer?

A) At Willow Hill we offer MEDI-CAL Preventative dry food from the vet, and provide a variety of wet food treats.

Q) How much time will you spend with my kitty?

A) Your pet will be treated as part of our family and will get lots of TLC and cuddle time everyday!

Q) What if I book and then need to cancel part of my stay, will you charge me for the booking dates I stated on the boarding contract?

A) No charge for last minute emergency cancellations. Just call or email ASAP. We check emails daily.

Q) How can I pay for my cats stay and when do I pay for the stay?

A) We accept cash or cheque. We ask that short term clients pay the bill at check-in. If you're boarding long term (2 weeks or longer) we ask for half payment at check-in and the balance at check-out.

Q) Do you pick cats up if we need a taxi service?

A) Not at this time, however we refer you to a pet taxi service for boarding only that will deliver your cat to Willow Hill directly non-stop.

Q) What time is check-in and check-out, when does a new day start and end?

A) Check-in is after 12:00 PM. In the case that an earlier time is needed, ask for morning accommodations when you book. Check-out is before noon. The new day begins after 12:00 PM.

Q) Can we come visit our cat anytime?

A) Yes, however we require a visitor's appointment. Check contact page for information.

Q) Can you release our cats to a third party?

A) Yes, just email or fax permission. We ask that all boarding bills be paid in full before releasing your cat.

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